Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Playing Catch-Up!

I haven't posted in awhile, so here are some random tidbits from the last week or so. Last weekend was my Uncle Ralph's 80th birthday!!! So a whole bunch of family got together for a surprise dinner...he had no idea :) This is him with my Aunt Clara. He was married to her sister who passed away not too long ago, she would have been 92 this year :( They were married about 60 years! I can't even begin to conceive that, Brad and I just wrapped up our first 3 months of marriage and it feels like it's been forever!

[Image Removed]
Aunt Clara & Uncle Ralph at Don Pedro's in San Antonio, Tx

So, about 3 weeks ago I decided I wanted red crayon red. It ended up coming out darker than I had wanted and it was starting to fade out already, so I decided to give it another try. This time I got one of the hardcore hair dyes (the ones that come in purple, blue, lime green & other outrageous colors) where you bleach your hair first, then dye it. Well I didn't bleach my hair all the way so that it wouldn't be too crazy...I figured it would come out a little darker. Well somehow it ended up being HOT PINK! I did not want to leave the apartment. Luckily, I had a random box of "Natural Red" (ginger red) so I through that in and it toned it down a bit. So now it looks like this!

[Image Removed]
Yes, it's really THAT red. I really like it though!

I also started back to work last Tuesday and found a little friend hanging out in the Water Street hut. He was there again this week and I was super excited. He looks like a little baby dinosaur! Just look at the little guy...

[Image Removed]
I named him "Baby T" T-Rex *heart*

Aside from all the fun stuff that's been going on lately I'm also planning a baby shower for one of my very best friend's, Cassie. It'll be sometime around October/November. I've already found the cutest invitations that perfectly match the baby room decor she wants! Now we just have to find out the gender! Here are the invitations I'm looking at...

[Image Removed]
If it's a GIRL!

[Image Removed]
If it's a BOY!

If you have any ideas for fun baby shower games, etc. let me know!

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